What is the garden shire? The English dictionary defines a shire as a small parcel of land or township owned by an Earl.

The dictionary also defines a garden as a rich and well cultivated region or ground where herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables are grown.

So let us see, we have a well cultivated ground that is owned by not an Earl, but a gardener. So let us call it a gardener’s shire. Simple, The Garden Shire is born!

A Shire Garden needs to be a place of purpose to serve the needs of all, yet magic and merriment in these gardens are important and the folklore of the plants play an even bigger role for the garden to take on a Shire magic, and only a few know how this works.

In this blog site I hope to let you in on all the antics of a gardener’s garden. The thoughts and planning with helpful hints, so that you might understand how a Shire garden comes to be.  You will watch as the garden changes and grows from season to season. I will talk about garden folk-lore and share stories and magical moments that are often found and experienced in places that are lovingly planted and cared about.

I hope in time you will come to understand my writing, and to understand how wonderfully simple life can be while  tending and caring lovingly with a passion for the garden. With out all of the big words and to do’s, bringing a can do approach to this blog, knowing that a vast amount of internet information awaits you out there. I believe the world is a garden, over seen by Mother Nature and that all of us are part of a shire, and we must always be mindful to enjoy all that is around us.

The Shire garden is a series of many smaller gardens all with names, there is the Front Borders, the Angel Garden, Column Garden that takes you to the Fairy Garden that leads to the Blue and White Border that leads into the Four Seasons Border that sits in front of Firefly Knoll that stretches along Oak Grove which take you to Frog pond and the Bonsai Wall Garden. Then there is the Terrace Gardens and Fern Walk to the north side of Acorn Cottage that sits in the middle of all of these gardens and we call this home.

My name is Clint Flagg, I’ve gardened all my life. I’m a Master Gardener whose passion is the plants that grow around me.  I enjoy the moments with friends and the animals and spirit, that choose to visit.  The magic of the Garden Shire will fill your mind with thoughts and your hearts with loving imagination. WELCOME TO THE GARDEN SHIRE!

A thought from the Shire: If the entire world is a garden, then let the seeds I sow today, be the wonders of my tomorrows.

Contact: gardenshire@gmail.com