When I started the garden there was very little, if any plants to speak of, one large Magnolia tree a few Thuja’s here and there and about six rhododendrons and four ragged azaleas and you could toss in a hand full of perennials.

Many years ago before I put the shovel to the ground I would sit quietly in different areas of the property and listened with my eyes closed to in vision what the garden might look and sound like. At first it was very silent nothing came to me, so I then started to talk about what I thought I might like for the garden and it was then that the garden began to talk back, the ideas flowed like a babbling brook and as I look back on those days and to where the garden is today, well may I say what a wonderful ride it has been.

Everyday in the garden there is something new to do, to see and to experience. My time with the garden is pleasure and it is where I find great joy. The garden gives so much in so many ways that it is hard to explain and to express. It is heart filling and loving and beautiful and everything that may bring.

It was always going to have a name, it just didn’t come to me at first. Till one evening, while working in Oak Grove on the wild flower planting, from out of know where I heard the words ” A most beautiful Shire ”  I looked all around at what I was doing with a feeling of magic in the air. I saw fire fly’s twinkling all about the garden, and it was then that the spirit of the garden showed itself to me and it was all around me. Everything was alive and growing and happy. I know then the Shire Garden had manifested its self through my hands and that I had created a very special place.

My writing is inspired by the garden and it is there that I solve the worlds problems and a few of my own, it is where I go to think and where I am free to talk to myself,  and its here that I get to create in a way that expresses who I am.

The Shire Garden inspires me to share feelings, love, hope, happiness, imagination and knowledge and much more, as these are just a few of the treasures that are cultivated in a garden.

A Note: Read blog of December 9th 2014″ Voice from The Shire Garden”