Here are small personal theme garden designs, They are private places, and could become your special place of calm and quiet, a place for contemplative meditation.

The garden designs might help to strengthen your soul, whether you visit them in the rays of the sun or the magical glow of the moon, you will find a spiritual peace surrounding you with its totality of life. Their healing powers will surround and nourish your restless physical body.

Choose one that might suit your personal inner need or several, I only ask that you garden with passion and with a belief that anything is possible.

Enlightenment Garden

Beauty and oneness walk hand in hand, smiles transcend this garden to find inner beauty in each of us.

Love Garden

Love is everything and everything is Love. This heart filled garden brings love to everything in your life.

Lunar Garden

Magic and mystery of the moon that lights the night with inner peace and harmony.

Sun Garden

The giver of life, the bright day-star. Colors of life in this garden will warm your soul.

Angel Garden

We often call upon the Angels and their response is soft and knowing. This garden was designed with the Angels in mind.

Violet Garden

Violet grace is what this garden is about, a time for reflection and grace, lavender is the color that is calming and healing.

Mary Garden

Our Lady’s garden is a celebration of the power to heal with peace and love.

Ivy Garden

Truth and growth are found in this garden. We call it the keeper of the green and the knowing of growth..

A Personal View;

All of us have a garden within, just as we have our own songs. We know this because we have been given the gift of senses and the ability to create, even within our minds eye.

We all long for a beautiful, safe and relaxing place, we also know that all of the planet we call Earth is a garden, so what ever horizons or adventure we seek we do so within a garden. A personal garden needn’t be a physical spot, but just a pleasant image in our thoughts. However not all of us are able to find our garden and need help doing so, for that reason our personal garden plans help with the vision manifestation of such a garden. There are those individuals who need help in bringing their vision garden into physical reality, a small but personal and private place for that individual.

All though our gardens have themes, they have purpose, we understand that everyone has their own purpose. I provide you with the basic information, the rest is up to you and your creative enlightened growth.

May your garden grow and bless you with health and happiness from within.