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I will take this time to answer a question that is often asked of me. ” You write often about observances and feelings and sounds in the garden, yet at times give just a few how too’s ?” Let me answer this first with a question. Would you rather read about another step by step project for your garden that thousands have shared before and with just a few tapes on the computer will show again, another take on the project? real vegas online instant play

I gave this much thought before I started to write. I looked deep within myself and asked what really moves me to garden, I knew the planting of seed was fun and the growth that followed and the anticipation of harvest, but really what kept me gardening. For there are plenty of moments when just giving up or finding time for anything to do with the garden other than gardening, would be easier than the work its self. What kept me there?

What kept me there was the human side, with a feeling that I was a part of something special, a place of beauty and growth and renewal, a place that for whatever reason had an effect on others and myself and all of it was being transmitted through who I am and what I could create. So I hope that by writing about the other part of gardening, the feelings and emotional side with the healing and heighten awareness it brings, will be the thing my blog will bring to the gardeners tool shed and will give trust and strength to continue to believe in who and what they are to their garden quest.

I can tell you that I have visited many gardens of all types and it is the gardens that are tended by passionate gardeners that transcends all of the feelings of even the greatest gardens in the world. They hold special powers and they are exspiranced and not just viewed. They leave you with a feeling of knowing and a wanting for more.

So not to negate all who want answers to the” how to”, I’ve started a new page entitled – Gardeners Hints, here I plan to share helpful simple garden cures and growing tips used by estate and home gardeners for years, with a few of my own thrown in.

A thought; The Garden Shire will help me be the gardener I Am. washington online gambling felony

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