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For some time now I’ve been planting for the winter garden. It is actually all of the Shire Garden, All around the garden there is winter plant material, they are there either for their berries, bark and foliage or seed pods, for their color or texture, and twigging  will bring. All for the way they  look within the ever changing winter light and for the way they hold the frost and snow. Most are planted in easy view from the inside of Acorn Cottage, so that we might see them as the weather changes the picture within our window frames.

I love watching the birds as they try to gather the berries and seeds and their sounds are welcomed to the quiet of winter.

Gardening is at a slower pace now, being more of a visual type then a physical one. I will use this time to see as I would say, ” the bones of the garden ” and correct shapes and lines to better the health and future growth and view throughout the garden.

I will also take time to review last years annual flower combination and decided what we will use for the up coming seasons. Using this time to research new cultivars and old stand byes. Some of which I will share with you a little later this season as I gather more information on them. which one is the best online casino australia

For know I will leave you with some pictures of the Winter Shire Garden



A thought; When all is still, beauty is heightened!


One Response to Winter’s Garden

  • Amory jewett says:

    hi clint,
    thank you for sharing your winter garden in photos with us. you’ve shown how the garden can be beautiful even in winter. I especially like the view down the path between the curving borders with the clump of red twig dogwood in the background (left hand side). Also, the white and green bird house all decorated for christmas, with lights too, is special. are there any residents at the moment?



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