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After all the planning and work the day came and went, the sun shined all day and the warm summer breeze kept us comfortable. Abigail looked beautiful in her gown and Charles looked so handsome in his Army Blues. Colton sported a small tux and posed for every camera. Jan looked gorgeous as mother of the bride and I was the happiest Dad in the world with family and friends all around in the Shire Garden.

We are a little tired and could only tell folks to do as much as possible before the wedding day, because the day of the wedding is beyond words as well as beyond any time you think you might have. A home wedding is not for the faint hearted and what you thought was going to be the easiest become the nightmare.

The garden faired well with all the tents and visitors and pictures were being taken everywhere.

So as I promised, as I have no more words for now, are the pictures of Abigail and Charles wedding at Acorn Cottage.

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A thought;  Everything is Love and Love and Faith are what move us forward.

One Response to The Shire Garden Wedding

  • Amory Jewett says:

    hello Clint,

    thank you for posting the photos from the wedding. I’m glad that everything had gone so well!

    That’s a nice photo of you giving away the bride (very proud dad), but where are the photos of abigail and charles? haha

    The banquet table is beautifully done, and the large hanging arrangement is exquisite. Your artistry in flowers is evident throughout the event.

    Yes, love and faith are more than important to life. they are essential. they do keep us moving forward. “and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. but the greatest of these is love.”
    I corinthians 13:13

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