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The full Cold Moon ushered in our first snow in the Shire, and we find our self on the eve of a new year. The storm left about 3 inches of mix wet snow and ice which covered the trees and ground in the most wonderful silky white blanket and other than the wind  that howled all night it left the garden with a sleepiness and beauty. Everything in the Shire now bows in slumber and a great peacefulness falls upon us all, sleep this night will be restful and all will be calm.

With the morning comes sun and everything sparkles and glimmers, there is a brightness that is hard to describe and there is a very magical feeling and happiness about it all. After waiting a few hours for the sun to come up a little more, this will help to loosen the ice and snow and with broom in hand I take the time now to release the shrubs and ornamental of their burden.

Removal of snow and ice from plants is not always required but this was heavy snow with ice on top and the forecast says cold days ahead so some help is needed to keep them from breaking up and snapping apart. With the broom I put it under the hanging branches that are laden with snow and gently tap up ward to break up the heaviest,  going lightly not to break to many small branches. Always use a genital hand and this job will be successful.

The robins are all over the holly’s and it is fun to watch as they and the other birds enjoy their feast. Their songs and chirps fill the air. I now its cold when the woodpeckers are at the suet feeders and the warmer on the bird bath is steaming and the birds there act as if they where at a spa.

So it begins with the first snow and cold, Winter! Along with long days of looking out to the garden, longing to feel the soil again and missing the growth and flowers. I will imagine the plants of the next year and hope for a short snow and cold season. I have planted the Shire from the view through the windows of Acorn Cottage and the winter view was taken into consideration and is of great interest to the eye. I will use this time to improve on the winter planting for next winter.

A thought; With a new year, comes new thoughts and hopes, new resolve is strongest now, what do you really want?


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