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The low but some what bright glow of this cloud covered misty day is what I like to call a December glow, you know not cold enough to snow but cold enough to form small droplets of ice on the tip of branches creating the look and feeling of tiny lights all aglow like thousands of diamonds sparkling. How wonderful nature can be!

The birds are busy at the feeder and their song fills the air and it is their movement that keeps the garden alive at this time along with the color in the holly’s and other evergreens but it is the Helleborus ( Christmas Rose ) that are now bringing in the color at a time when all seems so bleak.

The indoor plants are doing better now that they have adjusted to their winter home, and much to our surprise a small tree frog has found his way in on one of the plants and greets us each morning and evening with his chirps we will keep looking but so far no luck in finding him. He is in one of the plants in the guest room what a great Christmas surprise it will be for our daughter Abigail and husband Charles when our little friend chirps them awake Christmas morning.

The glow is everywhere this time of year subtle but known, not quite dark but not so bright, but a light you know. A December glow it is a special kind of show to let us know winter is here.

A thought; I’m always amazed at the simple things that make me think deep thoughts…..

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