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Helleborus – Christmas Rose, commonly called, is a perennial and not a rose at all. What is so loved about it, is that it blooms around Christmas and will stay in bloom most of the winter. The christmas roses of the Shire are just coming into bloom and we look forward to the most holiest of shows as they remind me of the many stories and legends that have been given to this flower and for me it is the christmas legend that means the most, for as a gardener it brings the story of the holiday home.

The legend of The Christmas Rose

On the night when angels sung and Christ was born in Bethlehem, the shepherds who visited the stable were followed by a little girl, the sister of one of them. Shyly she looked in as the shepherds knelt and gave their gifts to the newly born holy babe, then turned away in sorrow for her hands were empty and there were nothing for her hands to give.

Tearfully she stole away, hoping no one had noticed her and sat alone on the hillside under the bright star among the sheep waiting for her brother’s return.

Suddenly there was a great light all about her and a glorious angel stood before her in a gown of glittering white. The angel asked in a voice of song ” Little one why do you weep, are you not glad that you have seen the little king? ” When she had recovered from her amazement she answered ” I cry for I have nothing to give him. ” The Angel then smiled and with the wave of the hand the air around them filled with sparkling lights that then fell to the earth. The angel then said, ” Look around you and you will find your gift. ” As the angel disappeared the light still lingered and the shepherdess saw that the whole hillside was covered with lovely wax like flowers like roses. Soon her arms were filled with the blooms. Her joy was complete, when the child turned away from the rich gifts and reached out his little hands for her flowers, a gift from the heavens to gladden a true heart.

Helleborus – Christmas Rose, a genus of 15 species of perennials found in scrubby hillsides, woodlands and grassy rocky sites, like a little more alkaline soils so lime may be in order each year in acidic soils. They are rhizomatous and most form in clumps. Leaves are leathery and some saw like. Will do well in partial shade and are easy to grow. To read more go to and enjoy!

A thought; The holiday’s and it’s traditions give us meaning.

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