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After a few days of overcast and rain showers the golden rays of morning sun are a delight to the eye and everything looks so brilliant with autumn color. The gardening is still going on with dividing and new additions, given all of the great buys at the nurseries right know. This is the time to buy the many multiple plantings, because sometimes I don’t want to wait a few year for larger displays.

The Seasons Border, in this morning glow is striking and the solidago ( golden rod ) is really doing it’s thing with all the other colors around, but for some reason it stood out before everything else around it, and then I remembered a story, a legend I once wrote about, so I will share this legend of the goldenrod and its golden rule with you for it comes from a collection of writings I wrote a number of years ago about a magical place were flowers are human and their lives give meaning.


Great stories are told about what one might encounter on the roads and by ways of the country side. Stories of fortune and wisdom that also walked with misery and misfortune, promises are made and broken and one is best to be of strong mind and heart before venturing on these lesser traveled paths.

Our story begins on one such path, known as Shadows Path. Large trees grow on either side of the path and their shade is dark and cool. Here the ferns, wild grasses and flowers grow tall to reach for the light and the air is filled with woodland wonders. The moss-covered stones and logs soften the trail some what and a gentle kind of silence  falls over the forest.

A brother and sister named Justin and Trudy where returning from a long days walk on a very warm late summers day, when they noticed a well shaded path ahead. They knew this as a short cut back to the village where they lived. This short cut is cooled by large trees and they decided to take Shadows Path home despite the stories they had heard about this path. Besides, at the time it seemed like a good  idea.

The two laughed and picked woodland flowers and ferns as they walked, Justin noticed in the distance a figure slowly coming their way. The two stopped short and jumped into the deep ferns and sat quietly and listened. Soon they could hear the noise of a peddler and the clanging of his wares. His voice was strong and clear. He sang a song about all of life and its golden rules. The song broke the silence of the forest and the children became frighten as the peddler came closer to their hiding place.

As the broken rays of the sun shone through the canopy of the trees and reflected on the strangers face, they could see time and weather had taken its toll on this peddler, who stopped in front of them. Looking slowly over the tall ferns, the stranger called out ” who is here?” Now very frightened, Trudy and Justin didn’t notice that the ferns around them were shaking, “come out you frighten rabbits and come now. No harm will come to you.” The peddler said in a soft voice. Slowly Trudy and Justin lifted their heads from the ferns and ventured out to where the peddler stood. He asked the children why were they hiding, Trudy and Justin thought and answered, ” We are told not to talk to strangers and so fear moves us to hide till all sense of strangeness is gone and safety returns.” “Rightly so,” answered the peddler.

Trudy and Justin sat for a time with the peddler sharing stories and wishes. They even laughed together. Soon the peddler got up on his feet again and gave to his new friends a small gold-colored rod of stone. He told them to remember one of lives golden rules. When faced with fear and unknown, look deep within yourself and be true. It never fails, no matter how strange or different and difficult the truth may seem, be true to yourselves. The peddler sang his song once again, as he left their company. Trudy and Justin turned once more to wave goodbye, but where the peddler had been, he was no more, and the path that he walked now was covered in flowers of the noblest color of gold, which seemed to light the path both from where he came and where he went.

The children say that it is the roaming peddler who carries the golden rules. They call the flower his golden rod, which always lights your way through lives dark paths. which one is the best online casino australia

Let the golden rod that grows along all our roads and paths and meadows,  be a symbol of the truths that lie deep within all of our most humble of thoughts.

A thought; Fear can sometimes stop forward motion.

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