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My heart is beating very fast as I stand in front of the huge spring bulb display in my favorite nursery! I can’t help my self I just love bulbs. It’s fall and when I see those colorful pictures and get a smell of those wonderful bins of all different shapes and colors of bulbs, well, I just want some of each and this is where I need bulb intervention, someone has to help me, so I speed dial my Oracle, ( This is what I call my friends in time of need. )

I have several to choose from, so I call Oracle # 2, He can talk me out of anything or at least slow me down a little. I tell him my plight and where I was and what I was thinking about doing, the answer came fast, ” step away from the bulbs they are not your friends ” now what kind of answer was that, ” they are not my friends ” like that’s going to stop me. Then he says, ” unless you have a place for them and thought about their placement with other spring flowers for just the right combinations that you love showing me up with, then step away from the bulbs.”

I love my Oracle’s they get how I think, of cause I need to think this out after all he’s right I always think things through and he is terrible with color combinations and wants to see what I put together, so I will go home with colors in mind and work on some wonderful spring displays.

Here are some of my Faves for the coming spring that I will plant this Fall.


Snow Drops – Galantus – Pusey Green Tip, they are doubled flowers with small green tips and are much showier than the old singles can’t wait for these this early spring. A Genus of about 19 species of bulbous perennial found from Europe to Asia. Mostly a woodland plant that loves humus rich soil that drain well and most send up a single bloom in late winter early spring.

Grape Hyacinth – Muscari armeniacum – Blue Spike, this has double flowers with a rich blue tone a must have. Genus of 30 species most found in stony slopes of the Mediterranean region. all send up fall foliage that will stay the winter and as the soil warms more foliage and bloom will merge.

Crocus – Crocus, a must have for clumps along the garden paths. A genus of about 80 species of dwarf cormous type perennial found in meadows and woodlands throughout the world. Plant them 3 to 4 inches deep, most flower at various times in the spring, there are also fall blooming varieties.

Bluebell – Hyacinthoides – La Grandesse, bears nodding, pure white bell flowers. I’m always planting them in Oak Grove and they are starting to spread nicely. love them in spring bouquets. A genus closely related to Grape Hyacinths of about 16 species of small bulbs that are found throughout Europe and Asia woodlands and meadow and steam edge. Loving moderately fertile soils that drains well.

Tulip – Tulipa – T. Acuminata, this is in the lily – flowered group, I love the flame like appearance in the lance twisting petals, this is going to be a show stopper. There will be other tulips planted in the Shire garden, like some from the fringed group’ as well as an early flowering group. More on this later.

A Genus of 100 species of spring-flowering perennial bulb once valued as wealth in Europe. Made up of many flowering types. Most require a long winter and grow in fertile, neutral to slightly acidic soil  that drains well.

Daffodill – Narcissus- N. Triandrus, ( Angel’s tears )  bears small 1 to 6 nodding creamy yellow flowers, these are slated for the Angel Garden. This is a genus of around 50 species of bulbs from Europe to northern Africa. Where winters are hard be sure to plant them no less than 3 inches below the soil. They will tolerate most soil types. This is a very large group so check them out on-line and do your home work not all daffodils are alike.

Kings Crowns – Fritillaria – F. persica, this is one of the most interesting for it has gray-green foliage that forms along tall straight stems that is top with deep brownish purple bell shape flowers and will go in the Front Borders with several pink shades of Darwin tulips.  A genus of 100 bulb perennials found in woodland and meadow settings and are found all over the world. Note, these bulbs have a strong smell and repel ground moles and other animals.

Now you can understand why I needed intervention, every garden should have spring bulbs and always plant them in groups or clumps of 10 to 12 this will have more spring  appeal and show. So go forth and buy bulbs whether on-line,your local nursery or catalog and dream of the colorful spring to come and always look at the blooming time to ensure a long spring season of bloom.

A thought; The thought I plant today will ensure me of my future desire.



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