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Well its mid August, I can’t believe it’s that time already where does the time go? We’ve gotten some good days of rain and the hose doesn’t move much now and I enjoy that. The Angel garden is coming along nicely. The Column Garden golden hops are in full bloom and the espalier Cotoneaster on the fence here is full of green berries that will turn red soon  and with the golden hops and that show of red, well I can’t wait. The fairy garden is a cooler garden and the flowers here stay a little longer, my grandson Colton has come for a visit and has discovered this spot and loves looking everywhere, because there is so much to see here. The Blue and White Border isn’t doing that well I’ve lost most of the Impatiens do to heat and disease( downy mildew ) and the sky blue petunias are OK but became a lot of work as the season’s heat came on. The Four Seasons Border has been wonderful there is always something to see as you walk with that border. The rains have added more water to the Frog Pond and this helps to cool the water a little, creating newness to the pond and garden around the pond. Oak Grove is showing signs that early Fall is soon to arrive here and the crickets are singing away. The late summer anemones are starting their show and the vegetables are all but in from the terrace gardens pots. The potatoes we pot planted did very well and have proven to be a great space-saving and easy harvest. Will do more next year.

I purchased many types of begonias this year for pots that are all around in the garden and sitting areas, this has given the garden a magical feeling and they are just so beautiful as you walk throughout the garden. So I plan to write about these beauties soon. They make for a great show when you need one.

I’ve also decided to add a fire pit to the Shire for the cooler evenings to come and after all the late summer is here and the days grow shorter now. As the year grows older it reminds me to remember that a gardeners work is never done, that with each season comes new challenges. So I will take time now to listen to the crickets a little longer, stair a bit longer at the summer sun sets and enjoy the green that cools me on late hot summer days and will believe that every moment I spend in the garden will strengthen my beliefs.

A thought; The fires in life, gives newness to life…….


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