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A moment of beauty, is all I can say about this old favorite of the garden. Part of my morning walk through the Shire is the picking of the spent flowers of the previous days bloom and counting the buds left and calculating how many more days of beauty I can anticipate. washington online gambling felony

We have Hemeroallis ( Day Lilies ) everywhere, having collected them over the years from old gardens and newer varieties from nurseries and gardening friends and at last count around 50 or so types or colors.

When I think of Day Lilies so many memories flood my mind of days of my youth at my family home of the swing in the 200-year-old black walnut tree surrounded by thousands of  orange trumpets and trying to see how high over them I could swing or the view of the bar gate surrounded in lemon trumpets that welcome me to my walk in the meadows beyond. Gramma always told me to remember the day lily because it is the symbol of how momentary thing really are in life and that we should cherish such moments.

Flowers bring such fullness to my life, with their beauty and fragrance with the ability to surprise me each day with new views and thoughts!!!!!!

A genus of about 13 to 15 species of evergreen and herbaceous perennials from which over 50,000 named cultivators have been raised. From tall and wild to clumped and tamed and to dwarf and petite.

Grown in fertile, moist well-drained soils and most love full sun, they will tolerate some shade but bloom will be few. The thing to remember about day lilies is that their bloom will follow the sun so plant them so that their trumpets will face you in the garden, you wouldn’t want them to turn their backs to you. Many of them are marathon bloomers and will go far into the fall, some are fragrant and all are somewhat care free and easy to grow.

Hemerocallis, is the family of liliaceae and the break down of this name is Creek, ‘ hemera ‘ ( day ) and ‘ kallos ‘ ( beauty ) this plant was named by Carl Linnaeus the man who brought all the botanicals together under one language. So the day lily or Twain lily or lemon lily all groups to which he applied specific names by color of flower which was a rare thing for him, so he must have been enamored by them.  Now you know a little bit more about day lilies.

Some of my fave’s;

Hemerocallis, ” Cat’s Cradle ” – spider-like flower with rich yellow flair.

H. ” fulva ” Flore Pleno” – orange – gold double that follows the sun like colors.

H. ” White Temptation ” – nothing more to say about this beauty, loving it!

H. ” Strawberry Candy ” – yum, with its deep pink whirls around it’s so soft pink.

H. ” Millie Schlumf ” – so soft is this peachy beauty, makes me think of peach bud candy’s gramma’s favorites. top online casino bonuses

H. ” Scarlet Orbit ” – This is red-hot a must have for that touch of red we all look for. real online casino games

To learn more about Day lilies go to and and enjoy!

Also check out this site; if you love or think you love day lilies you’ll know it after this visit.

I’m a day lily sicko, that’s right I’ll admit I just can’t stop planting them. So what, there always some in bloom throughout the season in the Shire and this triumph is worth it. real live gambling online

A thought; What a gift each day can be, with a belief that there will be another.

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