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We have been working on the Angel garden and things are coming along. Ever sense I decided a Angel garden would go in things have happened. Some of the plants in the garden that were doing poorly have started to show signs of new life and the bunnies have left the garden, I can only hope I’ve prayed so long for that. There is a new light glow about the plants and the sounds in the garden have stepped up a bit. As I plan the last stages to the Angel Garden I received A call from our youngest daughter Alexsandra, for three years she and husband Nick have tried so hard to have a baby and today’s call was dad, as she cried, I’m having a baby! We here at the Shire are so overwhelmed by this blessing and want to share it with you. Miracles are every where, you just have to believe. And when they happen be thankful and thank the Angels for being in your life.

I know this didn’t have much to do with gardening but in away it dose, for when you create beautiful places beautiful things happen!

We love you Alexsandra my fairy in the garden, and we look forward to a new fairy in the Shire.

A thought; Believe in beautiful things and they will be in your reality.

2 Responses to Good news comes to the Shire!

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  • MArilynRose says:

    Many years ago, I happened upon a little ad in a Theatre booklet that said “if you believe in faeries, come visit us.” I walked into a magical kingdom they had created in a small store and met the most wonderful and loving family. I have since then journeyed much in the years we have been friends. This blog refelects so much of that magic, but always there is the resounding whisper of the one word that has become the mantra of all who know Clint, Jan , Abigail and Alexsandra…Believe!!!

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  • flagg says:

    MarilynRose, We love you! We know you Believe!

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