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Well, summer is here, no rain insight and the heat is on all I do is water and weed and dead head spent flower. This one job a lot of people don’t understand, it is very important because if the plants go to seed they stop blooming and your color show stops. Keep removing spent flowers and long stems and feed, the plants need it now for they have a lot of work to do at this time of year.

The firefly’s are out at dusk and it’s a real treat they are everywhere. The herbs are being harvested and hung to dry for later season cooking and decorating, the vegetables are coming in full force, the pansies are going right along this is a pleasant surprise and the day lily’s are full of bloom and buds. The garlic is out of the ground and is being cured and this years crop looks great and so will the Christmas gifts they will make.

The hydrangea are incredible and I will blog on that the next time, after all we live in hydrangea country and here we have about 125 plants and about 20 kinds, just wait for Jan’s pictures of these beauties. Our photo gallery is almost ready and we can’t wait for you to see the Shire and it’s flowers and the many that visit.

Remember that a garden is a place to find yourself in a moment. We make things happen because we believe we can in that moment, but what is most important is that we hold on to that belief and more important than that is you must hold longer than that moment, always believe and it will be.

A thought; Warm summer days remind us of long summers nights dreams, and we believe again!

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