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I’ve been asked a lot about why I name the spots in my garden and why name a place or garden. Well humans have been giving names to things as long as they’ve been around. I believe it maybe that to name something is to bring ownership to it and to help other to remember where they may be going to and from and to help with where they are at any given time. However I enjoy naming things because its fun and it helps my wife to find me when I tell her where I’ll be.

Giving names to things shows you care and that in some way gives it life of its own, the Angle Garden is for the Angels and the Fairy Garden the fairies and the Frog Pond the frogs and everything that goes with that.

Give great thought to naming for it is more important than you think, So many times people name things and think nothing of it. The result is terrible, leaving other to ponder why?

Naming a home for example should come from and address or personal connection like great names like Thornton Hall, Long Woods, Graceland, The White House, Green Gabbles and so on, all great examples of naming a place. Think about county names, history and if there is a great oak or elm or maple all could have tree names and that is noble like Willow Lakes, Willow View, or just Willows see how much fun this is.

Naming is not elitist, it’s a thing of place and being and that is important because we all need to be a part of our place and we will honor these places more when we name them. Evan if you live in a one room apartment, name it and honor this space because its yours and the name given gives it life.

Acorn Cottage is named for two things the street name and the large old oak that graces us with tons of acorns. The home is small and cottage like and sits in the middle of the Shire garden, which has the Front Borders, the Angle Garden, Hydrangea Row. Fern Walk. the Fairy Garden, the Blue and White Border which leads to the Seasons Border. Firefly Knoll to the Frog Pond to the Garden Terraces and then there’s the Column Garden and of all things there’s Oak Grove, so name away its yours, why not, its fun and it gives purpose to why you have these spaces.

So have fun name away and when others say why? Say, whats in a name any way someone gave you one!

Like it or not we as humans name things and for what ever reason we name  things and places and thus they become real and alive and the creator within each of us is satisfied.

A thought; We name things, because we love to, and that is whats truly in a name. real money online slots no download

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