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I haven’t talk about the Frog Pond very much but it is one of my best spots, for something is always happening here. So I truly believe water is the sources of life. This day the pond lilies are in bloom, the first for this season and the bull frogs are singing them in. The air around the pond is filled with their fragrance and I am spell-bound by their bewitching these perennial below the water rise and float with water sprite magic.

Nymphara – ( water Lilly ) is a genus of 50 species of herbaceous, submerged aquatic perennials, growing world-wide. They are noted for their showy, sometimes fragrant flowers and floating foliage.

There are so many color and sizes from minis no bigger than 2 ins to the large Victoria that can support a small human standing on them.

Here at the Shire I have only a few for the pond is full of gold-fish and frogs and the sun is very important to them. But what would a frog pond be if we didn’t have a few. Besides I like to pick them in the morning before they close and dry them in silica sand, because we place them on the Christmas tree to remind us that summer is only a season away.

Every garden should have some water feature and a pot filled with water and a water Lilly growing in it can be a thing of wonder. So make a splash with water plants and open a whole new world of sound, fragrance and color.

A thought; Things that lie so deep, can change still waters.

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