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Today I have decided to change the Pink and White Garden into an Angel Garden. Sometimes these ideas just come to me and I know this is a good one. I plan to purchase annuals and perennials that best represent the Angels, now how cool  is that. It started early today as I was weeding in the Front border and the annual angelonia was just looking so good. Last year I planted some in place of snapdragon’s and I was pleasantly surprised. They also made for great cut flowers so I planted many more colors of them this year. There is also a spreading series I am trying and so far so good. By the way the common name for angelonia is ( Angel Flower ) so I think I got the message.

Now to help keep things simple at this time, because my ideas are all over the place. I plan to do research on-line a little later on flowers assisted with stories of Angels. However for now I know to sit and draw out a planting design for the look and feel I would like my Angel Garden to have, I already have a white round top arbor with a white bench in this space and that will stay. The white autumn clematis and the late summer Skies are Blue clematis  cover this arbor and they will stay this will remind me of the blue sky and clouds above. The pink Kousa Dogwood and the many white and green Hosta will stay.. Everything else will have a new place in the Shire.

Now the new plants, there will be for perennials, Daylilly’s – ( Hemerocallis fulva ) they will remind me to cherish the beauty of everyday and the gift it is. Nigelia – ( N. damascena ) it is said to be true love of the Angels in the mist. Lilies of all kinds will fill this garden to call in their presence.  I will plant a Butterfly bush – ( Buddleia alternifolia ) the caller of the Angels of color, butterflies are these you know. Then come the annuals, there will be small marigold – ( Tagetes ) of white and gold, angel fly with wings of gold feathers and these flowers hold that secret. There also will be angel flowers – ( Angelonia ) of many colors and their up ward growing feature will remind me also that the angles are never that far away, all I have to do is look up to see and feel them around me. A thought also came to me to add a fruit to this garden and it will be a potted lemon tree – ( Citrus limonia ) because it is believed that the fruit of this plant will cleanse your body inside and out and will energize your soul. It will also remind me that some messages although sour , can be sweet-smelling and beautiful as a result.

I often call upon the angels and their response is soft and knowing. Over the ages the angels have guided us. Harold in new beginnings, helping to keep order, safety and fullness in our lives. So it is only fitting that I create a special space to glorify and support those angels in my life. I can tell you that if you wish deeply and faithfully believe, the angels in your life will respond.

This Angel Garden will also have a figure of an angel and the search is on!  So its off to find an angel that will be right at home in the Shire, however I know they are here and for that I’m thankful.

A thought; Truely believing and holding to that belief is all it takes.

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