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Father’s Day is here once again. This is the one day that I truly get to do whatever I want and no one will bother me. I get up a little later and have whatever I want for breakfast and  I eat where ever I choose too. With my coffee cup in hand I head out for my morning walk through the garden. I felt that because it is Father’s Day I might start my walk to the Column Garden to see how the golden hops are looking with the morning sun on them. Just as I thought, what a wonderful golden sight hanging on top of the white columns a great way to start a good morning.

The gate to the secret Fairy Garden is special for on it hangs my grandfathers shovel where I have planted hens and chickens in the spade portion, and my grandmothers favorite trowel. This always reminds me to remember them and their love of gardening. I opened the gate and walked into the Fairy Garden where my daughters often went to read, and looked out to the semi hidden long view of the Shire. In that moment as I stood there with my coffee in hand, I saw a vista view of dappled sun light on the hundred or so hosta I had planted over the years. Why I didn’t see this before, in this light, is beyond me, but here it was. The view had a mystical sense to it, like a fairy tale moment, something completely far away about it, as if to say here is where the elves play.

The many different shades of greens and whites and chartreuse and yellows. The many sizes and textures of foliage’s and just the way the sun shows through the oak canopy  and dances on them, makes it seem sir-real. I just stood there in wonder. As I came back to my reality, I looked around me in the Fairy Garden and noticed my obsession with mini hosta. I have planted them in every thing like tea cups with hosta-Mouse Ears and tea pots filled with hosta-Little Bo Peep, to wall planters filled with tiny hosta-Dragon Tails. With whimsical names like hosta-Tick Toc I couldn’t help but to tuck this one in an old wall clock. So I think I’m hooked on hosta. Then looking up again at the long vista, just seeing the huge foliage of the hosta-Dark Shadows and hosta-Golden Empress to hosta-Jack of Diamonds and then all the other medium size like hosta-Lemons and limes and hosta-Stetson Ruffles, hosta-Stitch in time and hosta-blue powder and the list could go on and on.

I have just recently started planting them in pots and placing them all around the garden, when I like to change the over all look every now and then.  Hostas – Striptease and hosta-Praying Hands, as well as hosta-Red October are great for this. So this opens up a whole new area for hosta gardening.

Hosta, Plantain lily – Lilaceae, a genus of about 70 species, most are clump forming and come from China, Korea and Japan. They like fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Hostas love shade but will tolerate some sun for short periods of time. So every garden should have many of these beauties, there are so many to choose from. Here are some of my favorite hosta nurseries. Mason Hollow Nursery –  and Vermont Flower Farm – and New Hampshire Hostas – check them out, once you start there’s no coming back, you’ll be hooked on hosta.

To learn more about hosta use these helpful websites and also and there is always the American Hosta Society.

So I guess you know now I’m a hosta nut who for whatever reason see’s the world differently than most. And I just want to say Happy Father’s Day to me, it’s my special day. I’ll take the last sip of my morning coffee and head in to the Blue and White Border to spend a little time remembering my dad and to start some tidying up in the Shire. reputable online casino australia

A thought; Sometimes things just get out of control, so laugh!

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