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It’s evening here, after a day of weeding, pruning and tying, this gardener is tiered.The Shire is in full growth and everything demands this gardeners attention. Feeding has begun, for the annuals need that now. But with all this work the garden is a famous show and even with the work the rewards are worth every moment. The lady slipper’s are in full bloom and the childhood memories fill me with a new strength of such special orchids that grace our New England woods and I know my efforts are blessed. The poppy’s are popping and the lupine are showing color and the knock out roses are a show beyond shows and every thing is great in the Shire. I want to take this time to mention the pansies I spoke of earlier this spring, they are still going strong, so look back in my blog on pansy talk, these guys are winners. Just think pansies in bouquets all summer and fall. I hope that my blog in some way,is a help to you, if any thing it helps you to stay in the garden, physically or in mind.

A thought; A thing of beauty is worth the work.


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