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As I work quietly in the garden, I stop for a moment to enjoy my labors. In that moment as I knelt weeding, I noticed the sounds of the garden. The wind as it rustled through the many different leaves. The many different bees and their hums and the chorus of birds with their many sounds. Then I hear the soft sounds of my chimes and my heart races as I begin to understand the Shire is very much alive and the sounds of this music from within the garden is its life force.

The grasses whistle an Russel with the wind and the fountain in the frog pond trickles and splashes while the frogs serenade each other, and the oaks creak as they sway. The dragon flies swish as they pass and the sounds of the gardener as I lovingly care for the garden, as I listen, I know that the soul of the garden song is revealed.

I know you think this  man has been in the sun a little to long. Perhaps so! But I’ll tell you, take a moment, a quiet moment, and listen. I mean really listen. You’ll understand, this gardener hasn’t been out in the garden that long.

They say everyone has a soul song , one of their very own. I believe in that, all you have to do is truly listen for it. Well I know now this garden has a soul song, just as I know it is very much alive and growing.

I am also writing this because many ask me should I add wind chimes to the garden, and the answer is yes. But you must first listen to the garden and let it help in the tones. Like high or low tones, if the sound of the garden has lots of birds then a lower tone might be in order where a garden full of bees might like to have higher tones and some gardens need a balance of both tones because of so much sound, like the Shire. We have high tones and chimes in the Fairy Garden and long low tones in the Oak Grove in the distance where the birds all sing.

I write about this because  sometimes it helps me to understand, sometimes in the garden, thoughts bring me to do so.

A thought; The music in your soul will make you whole.

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