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Today I am writing about firefly knoll. This area in the garden shire lies just behind the season’s perennial border and the outer edge of the oak grove. Here, three pencil thin Irish junipers stand at about twelve feet tall now, as if guarding the forest edge. You will also find variegated Weigela, who in the evening give one of their best shows. Small azaleas are grouped here and there, and the late May show is like a lower ruffle to the rhododendron bloom in the oak grove beyond, this all runs to the Frog pond that lies at the furthest end. I allow the grass to grow taller in this area leaving it a little untidy looking through June, July, and August. I live with the constant comments of how unkempt it looks behind the season board. Keeping good notes of just who has mentioned this to me.

Around the Fourth of July we hold an at dusk party in the Shire. We have drinks with ice cubes that have small lights in them, and sweets of many kinds. As evening arrives the show begins first just a few twinkle than hundreds and this last year I swear thousands. All around us they fly and flash and land. Oak Grove looks as if the fairies from all over arrived to celebrate. This is one of the most magical moments here in the Shire. And conversations of childhood memories are everywhere. My list of commenter’s is growing smaller each year as more and more of them realize the comment were not unnoticed and their invite didn’t arrive ; however I may have to add a another night of festivities.

Fireflies are an endangered insect, as their breeding and nesting ares like woodland edge meadows are disappearing do to over developing, and light pollution, yes light pollution, too much night-light and they fail to mate. So leave a small area in your garden to nature, let the grass grow taller and the leaves stay longer, and by all means ignore the comments. Because the mid summers night magic is so enchanting that all the things you believed in as a child, you will once again know that they might come true. To learn more on fireflies or lighting bugs go to; for how you can help.

Here at the Shire we believe! And the garden always shows us the way.

A though: Childhood dreams are an older person’s pursuit.

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