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Peonies and Poppies, now what magical thoughts this brings to mind. Peonies make me think of grandma’s garden and the wonderful bouquets she would have of them on the parlor table or of Victorian lady’s hats ringed in them. Then the poppies, my thoughts go to the honor they represent or the magic they brought to Dorothy on the way to the Emerald City in OZ. You see flowers are some times a bridge that help us in thought of memories, and to coin a phrase; ” and that’s a good thing “. Both plants bring many memories to so many and all are uniquely individual. Think about them and see if you can’t find some moment with either or both of these flowers, I’m sure you have one or two!

Here in the Shire Garden they are just beginning to start to bloom and the bud set in both are heavy. So another magical moment it being set up for center stage and I think is going to be a show stopper. More to come on this.

Paeonia ( peony ) are 33 species in genus of perennials, Native to Eurasia with 2 being native to the west coast of North America.

The name is classic Greek and arose from the medicinal uses that some have been associated. Paeon – the pre – Apollonian physician of the gods, is a story that shows us a young Paeon holding a wound of magical herbs that flow like blood with the power to heal. The stories say the healing god Asclepice became dangerously jealous, because Paeon posses a very strong healing wound that Zeus changed Paeon into a plant to save him. from Asclepice.

Although associated with healing, the word ” paeon ” also means a hymn of praise – originally to Apollo. This is  much more fitting to the plant that so graces  our gardens with their beauty.

Here at the Shire we grow Paeonia – lactiflora Hybrids, like Miss America, large white flowers that are heavy in sent, and Sara Bernhardt and Shirley Temple, double pinks with peony classic sent that are great as cut flowers.

Remember they like full sun, and plant in rich but well draining soils. Cut flowers just as the bud begin to crack open for a longer cut flower life. Those ants, well don’t worry they actually help in the garden to open the buds. Also don’t bury them to deep.

Papaver ( poppy ) there are 50 or so annual, biennial or perennial species and many are from the temperate parts of Eurasia and Africa. Poppies are also associated with medicine, but of a different kind if you know what I mean. Although some of their seed were used in cooking other were used to alter state of mind and thus housed a very special magic of its own.

The Shire has two of my Favorites, Papaver rhoeas ‘ Mother of Pearl ‘ and ‘ Shirley Series ‘ this one self seeds and always delights me with where they will pop up in the  Shire.

The  Peony and the Poppy, while both have a history in healing, both bring memories to the soul, and a knowing that  simple things can bring great pleasure.

A thought; May the memories made today will stay with our souls forever.

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3 Responses to Peonies and Poppies

  • Biza says:

    I love poppies!..They’re easy and reesed every year..such a beautiful,delicate flower to have in the garden.For Poppy lovers One top Poppy Shop is the best place I’ve found to look for the hard to find varieties. The site is well organized.My order was processed and shipped immediately,and her personal touch is what keeps me forever looking for small business owners to do business with. Looking forward to seeing my poppies all smiling at me late this summer!

  • Ahmed says:

    Peonies are much beloved where I live, since Van Wert was once the Peony Capitol of the World. Breeders lived here and there were huge farms of them. Very few yards older than 30 years old or so are withuot at least one peony and most have many. There was a peony cultivar that was bred here that experienced some success, but fell out of favor due to week stems that couldn’t support the blooms very well. There are still a few Jubilee’ peonies in existence and I wish I had one. There are always plant supports!The Peony Festival is celebrated each year on the first weekend in June. This year, the peonies may very well be all done blooming by then!.

  • i completely agree with you.

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