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The Front Border

This year is the year of the self-sown foxglove glory. Everywhere I look there are large drifts of foxglove,  How wonderful nature can be! As I look out about the Shire I can see them in large groups some in Oak Grove amongst the azalea’s and ferns, and the Seasons Boarder is like a post card you would like to frame. Even the Fairy garden has them and the front perennial boarded has a grand display. Some of them reach the height of four to five feet and must be stalked. As I stand before these sites I can’t help but think, this is the reason for these flowers to associated with fairies and elves, their hood shaped bell-like flowers could be used for hats or dresses, what merriment that would bring. How great it would be, if when the gentle wind blew if they could chime and imagine what magic that would bring. The bumblebees are humming about them and the Humming birds have found them too. All of this activity of celebration just for foxgloves is welcomed, for this is a show folks, and here at the Shire all our friends are invited.

Digitalis grandiflora ( foxglove ) Is a native of Europe and N. Africa and W. Asia there are some 22 species of perennial and biennials and are grown for their tall spikes of tubular two-lipped flowers.

Medicinal properties of digitalis have been known since ancient times and are still used in the treatment for heart ailments.

Season Border

Digitalis grows well in slightly acid soil that is well-drained and partly shady to filtered sunny spots suits them well. When this is met you will have them return for many years to come never knowing where they will turn up. So plant some foxgloves in the garden its one of those plant every garden should have and enjoy a little old world charm, it’s also good for the heart and just looking at them here in the Shire does this gardeners heart a world of good. reputable online casino australia

A thought; Your heart will tell you what you need to feel.

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