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When I started this blog I wanted it to be different and simple, yet interesting and personal enough to increase some interest with new thought as to how one might view gardening and the love for life. I wanted my reader to think deeper and to look harder at the world around them and to try to have a better understanding of them self and of the life that is all about and around them.

Keeping it simple for me was important, life doesn’t have to be so complicated and words don’t have to be so big and misunderstood that they become meaningless with no value to the reader, thus the message is lost.

The message was from the beginning do what you love, love what you do, and always believe, in yourself, your family and friends, in the world to which you live and in the thoughts that where one door closes another will open and that there’s always tomorrow that is fresh and new.

Believe in miracles, they happen! Believe in what you want and welcome it.

For me it was always going to be about the garden. It is what I love and what I love doing. I love it when the wind blows and shows itself with movement, the rain as it pita pats on the leaves and soil and the warmth of the sun as the flowers look up to follow its movement, The songs of the birds and insects, the peep and crock of the toads and frogs and the flash of the fire flies. I Love the dance of the dragon flies and the constant hum of the bees and the beauty of the butterflies are a feast for the eye. I love the soul filling smells and sents and I love the growth and the beauty that surrounds me and the peace it brings.

My thoughts always wonder and I am often filled with new ideas. it is in the garden where nothing in life matters, thus there is a freedom to be who I am and with my thoughts. Very often I am able to work through problems or find quick solutions, and the word sanctuary comes to mind.

I am passionate about what I do, that is not to say that I am all consumed by it as I have may interest and hobbies it just this one brings me great joy and fulfillment and has always been my retreat and refuge.

So I blog not for notice, but to share a little of what one person loves and loves to do, and if it should happen to help others in any way, then my life purpose will feel complete. reputable online casino australia

A thought; Sometime sharing just a little of who we are,  can help others to understand who they are.

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