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DSC00129With this being the first day of spring I thought I’d keep it simple and as I have many first days of spring to remember now at my age, I thought this was best.

As a young boy spring was the time when the grass is new and time spent playing and rolling in it was a great adventure. As a teen spring meant spring fever and if you had any sense about you, it was hard to find. But as a young man spring meant new begins and courage to charge forward. However as an older man spring is hope and an understanding that life is cyclical and the promise of new life is in the air.

When as a younger man often I would write poetry and small verse, for some reason for me the transition from spring fever to young adult thought, shined through at that time. Jan came across some of my poems and I thought for this first day of spring I would share this small verse with you, one of Jan’s and my favorite.

    To the Sky I look to fly

            From the Soil I Grow to Live

      To the Tree I Hope to Be

           and the Spirit a Life to Live

Thank you for taking a moment to think of spring with me, and hold this simple verse as a gift to grow in strength from where and who you are.

A thought; Reminder that all we really need is all around us, we just need to understand that.



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