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As I am writing, the waxing moon is becoming full and its rising in the horizon is large and intense, and with the clear cold evening star lit sky the moon looks larger and brighter than ever. The reflexive sun light creates long branching finger like shadows of the trees across the glistening drifts of snow and a sense of mysterious knowing happens.

The Shire Garden is quite now and only the haunting hoots of the large snow owl fills the evening air. As the moon slowly rises higher, the shadows move and the scene changes once again, the shadows shrink and the white of the snow appears more blue in tone and the evergreens grow darker in color and the stars twinkle more intensely. I notice now that the heavens have opened up to me and the clouds of the galaxy are noticeable.

This full moon on March fifth is called the Worm moon, as March is the month to which the worms begin their work. How ever here in the Shire garden there lies three feet of snow upon the ground and I think the worms might be confused below the frost that lies beneath the snow.

This next week with the waning moon I will start some of my seeds as this is the best time to do so. It is believed that root start is strong during this phase of the moon’s cycle. Thus well established roots will help thrust forth leaves and stem growth as the new to waxing moon brings upward growth to the next full moon.

The moon and sun and stars have always played and important role in the garden as well as in animal husbandry, and farmers know this well. If you spend enough time in the garden you will come to understand just what I’m talking about, the heavens have a lot to do with what we are doing on earth and we are best to know  and to accept that as fact.

I told you a year ago or so that I planed to garden more by the stars and for the last year it has proven to do the garden well, things seem to be in more harmony with each other and the growth and colors have been better and the weeding less, [ not to sure what that is all about ] but I’ll take it any way. So you see working with the universe and in harmony with the energy around you, beautiful things happen.

Make a simple moon cycle chart on paper and plan your daily work around the phases of the moon, go to  you’ll be surprised by how much better things will workout in the garden as well as in your life. Perhaps for the first time you will really experience the strength of a full moon rising, you may even want to howl!

When I look at the moon I often find myself to be reflective in thought, I get a sense of mystery and a touch of romance and always feel like I’ve been here before. Perhaps its that lunar lure people talk about or maybe its just magic with a touch of imagination.

A thought; When we allow the rhythm of the universe in, we to glow like the moon and stars.



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