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Monthly Archives: July 2015

As July’s heat come on to the Shire Garden it is the lavender that takes on part of center stage. As I walk through the herb garden the sound of the humming bees are everywhere and the scent of lavender fills the air, it clears the head and mind and for a moment time stands still.

Lavender is easy to grow and does well in poor soil that drains well, requires full sun and a little trimming from time to time to keep it looking neat. which one is the best online casino australia

To enjoy more about the history and culture and uses of lavender I recommend this book { Lavender Sweet Lavender } by Judyth A. Mcleod.

I’ve talked about my book of short flower stories called ” The Stories of Laural Island  ”  here is the short story of how I believe lavender came to Laural’s the island of the flowers.


As with most of the world Laurel had its share of illness. Often it was necessary to call upon a shaman or medicine man or healing woman for a curing hand. For they know all of the native healing flowers and plants, as well as where to find them. Gathering and applying such material requires proper timing and experience. real live gambling online

These healers know of such things as anatomy, astrology, mathematics and science, they understood human and Mother Nature. They worked in great rooms called apothecaries, where jars of every kind were filled with the most wondrous and yet strangest of things. All kinds of herbs and fruits and berries hung in the rafters and the room smelled both sweet and bitter at the same time.

The gardens of the healers are spectacular, as they are masters at gardening. The garden hummed with bees collecting the precious honey, everything here was full of life, as it should be in a place like this.

One day, as the healers were working in their herb garden, a messenger arrived from the Queen. He told them, the village had fallen ill, and that their great gifts to heal were needed, with the utmost of speed. They dropped their tools and went straight away to the castle. Upon their arrival into the royal village they found the villagers ill with fever and proceeded on to the Queen.

The healers, by royal command, worked day and night mixing; grinding, boiling and nothing

seemed to work right. This was a fever like they had never seen before. They  applied cool compresses, mixed and administered teas, even melting snow from the  mountain of Lair hoping that the cold water would help. After a while they became frightened that nothing would work, and feeling helpless, the healers decided to ask the Great Spirit for help.

The healers took up their staffs and prayer robes and started their eight mile walk to the sacred grove of oaks used for such strong prayers. Here they would gather and pray to the Great Spirit for a sign or message that would help them bring health back to the people of Laurel.

As they chanted and prayed, the air around them grew thick and developed into a lavender haze and a fragrance of great strength filled their senses. Some of them where over come by the smell and fell to the ground. Suddenly the sky was full of doves, and a great sword covered in a purple flame fell from the sky and pierced the soil in the center of the grove. Those healers, who were awake, watched as the purple flame grew larger from the top of the sword and a voice came to them. “I am the sword of life and to you I have come to answer your prayers of triumph over this illness.” Where the sword met the soil there sprang a plant whose foliage was the color of gray smoke from the flame that burned, and from the top of this plant came small lavender flowers, sword like in shape, and the fragrance from this flower filled the air with a soothing scent. One of the healers spoke out and asked,” What shall we do with this gift and what shall we call it?” the voice answered “This plant will heal much, use it wisely as you will, it will wash the illness swiftly, just as the blade of a sword to an enemy, it is called for it’s healing color, lavender, then the vision was gone and there before the healers stood a gray plant with a lavender flower. They carried the gift into their garden and with its many uses, cured the fever that plagued the good people of Laurel. From that day forward the healers cultivated this plant in long rows and often walked among the lavender plants and its soothing fragrance.

Lavender comes from the Latin word meaning to wash, heal and has proven itself in the healing of troubled bodies and minds.

A thought; Life is full of special moments, take a moment to enjoy them.

Just a few beautiful photos of Lavender, enjoy!

  • pbh-hummingbird pbh-hummingbird
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  • imagesI6PY3HY4 imagesI6PY3HY4
  • lav-plants lav-plants
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