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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Woodland gardening can be tricky, soil conditions change from spot to spot and root competition and low PH and soil robbed nutrients abound.

Compost and water is of the utmost importance and since Oak Grove here in the Shire Garden consist of almost all oaks, it  makes for soil conditions to be very acidic and root bound. Know although most woodland plants prefer a little lower PH., most others, if it is to low of a PH., their performance will be less, so I have to prepare small areas for the new plants to adapt to their new home. I clear low brush and dig out the roots of the areas and amend the hole with leaf and garden compost.

Over the years Oak Grove has evolved into a magical woodland walk with paths of moss and wood bark mulch to leaf mulch and growing soft woodland fescue grass to stepping stones, making for a most interchanging and interesting walking experience that changes the mood under your feet. Just doing this brings about a magical feeling that most who walk through have now idea of what is happening.

Most of the wild flowers in Oak Grove are rescued from areas being developed, so creating the right growing conditions for the new plants have become a very important research issue. slots jungle im download

Part of Oak Grove’s charm is the tall old oak trees that grow on the higher side of the Shire Garden, thus calling to you to enter the paths through Firefly Knoll at the woodland edge and to enter an untamed but purposeful planting of where the wild things grow.

As the seasons change so do the colors and textures and shadows of Oak Grove, in the spring the may apples and blood root and lady slippers appear then the azaleas and rhododendrons and solomon seal bloom and the early dog wood in time for Mothers Day take center stage. as the tree canopy thickens the grove grows darker and the mushroom and indian pipes show up with the ferns and woodland daisy’s. As the season goes longer hepatica’s and trailing arbutus, gentian’s and hydrangea and cardinal flowers dance their way into glory. Then with the cooler air of autumn come the change once again in the tree canopy of gold and greens and orange to rust and the low wild blue berry brush that is abundant on the woodland floor turns scarlet red and the many colors of the seed berries of the viburnum and holly’s welcome the many birds to their fall feast. With the turn of winter all goes dormant and the evergreens and gray trunks and branches take their turns with a shadow waltz upon the snow.

With all of this happening in Oak Grove the seasons of sound in the woods changes as well and very often those sounds call to us to enter the woodland garden once again for new reasons and experiences. I placed a large and low toned wind chime deep in the grove. The deep temple like tones mixed with the birds and other animal sounds brings a new dept to the woodland garden experience, that is deep in side of our self, one of fear and intrigue and it is that, that moves us forward and into the woods.

Often as a child and sometimes now as an adult child I still believe that on the nights when the moon is full and a lite fog drifts through the woods that the woodland elf’s and fairy’s party and play and very often I swear I see their lanterns all aglow amongst the fireflies, that twinkle deep within the Grove.

Woodland gardening is fun and if you are lucky enough to posses a stand of trees or forest land I would encourage you to cultivate it in to a place of joy and wonder.

A thought; The Fairy creed; To the heavens above and to the Earth we love.