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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Sometimes a quiet moment is just what the soul calls for. A moment when everything seems to stand still, even thought is contentedly quiet and nothing matters and time is just time.

While sitting in the garden a sudden stillness came upon me and  the garden seemed timeless, I could see everything at once and my thoughts where clear yet empty.

Then all at one time, sadness, joy and emotions come rushing in and the moment of stillness is swept away in a wave of thought and feeling, as I recall hearing no sound, felt no wind or sun and how everything in that still moment was as it is. The memory of that  stillness stays with me as I reflect and I will use this experience as a reminder of how wonderful unforeseen moments in the garden can be…….

I write about the garden as I experience and lovingly tend to it.

A thought; In still moments I am given strength.


Walking the primrose path meant a life of pleasure with everything that comes with that. Sense I have not always found my path to pleasure to be primrose like, I kind of  hoped that by creating such a path it might help to keep me focused.

The name primrose is from the Latin word primus meaning – first, because it is among some of the first plants to bloom in the spring.

Primrose’s astrological element is earth so to plant these plants either in the sign of Taurus ( April 20 – May 20 ) or Virgo ( August 20 – September 20 ) or in the southern regions Capricorn ( December 20 – January 20 ) I have found during these periods the conditions for their growth and flowering will be at their best.

Their are about 430 species of mainly herbaceous perennials and are found throughout the northern and southern hemispheres. So take sometime to look them up and discover the vast world of varieties there are.

I’m going to talk about the Genus Primula Polyanthus it is a fully frost – hardy evergreen perennial that we purchase from our local grocer or nursery in the early spring for their bright colors. Hardy zones USA 6 – 10primroses

How can we not take a few of these home when winters can be so bleak. Just remember a sunny window and keep them moist and they will bloom right till it is time to plant out in the garden and as an added surprise they most often will bloom again in  the cool days of autumn that same year.

Over the years I’ve planted about 150 or so of these spring beauties along the sunny  path that runs on the north side of Oak Grove this leads to my compost area so as you may know I am quite often on this path and each April and May I walk my primrose path. I put a little more lime in this area, as they like a more alkaline soil.Growing between rocks and logs amongst the moss and under the flowering shrubs they truly are a breath of spring when we need it the most.

This is the time of year our markets are flooded with them, so do your home work and brings some color in to your life, now when we need it the most and perhaps you too might think about a primrose path.

A thought; Simple pleasures bring such joy!



For some time now I’ve been planting for the winter garden. It is actually all of the Shire Garden, All around the garden there is winter plant material, they are there either for their berries, bark and foliage or seed pods, for their color or texture, and twigging  will bring. All for the way they  look within the ever changing winter light and for the way they hold the frost and snow. Most are planted in easy view from the inside of Acorn Cottage, so that we might see them as the weather changes the picture within our window frames.

I love watching the birds as they try to gather the berries and seeds and their sounds are welcomed to the quiet of winter.

Gardening is at a slower pace now, being more of a visual type then a physical one. I will use this time to see as I would say, ” the bones of the garden ” and correct shapes and lines to better the health and future growth and view throughout the garden.

I will also take time to review last years annual flower combination and decided what we will use for the up coming seasons. Using this time to research new cultivars and old stand byes. Some of which I will share with you a little later this season as I gather more information on them.

For know I will leave you with some pictures of the Winter Shire Garden



A thought; When all is still, beauty is heightened!


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