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Monthly Archives: November 2013

I thought is was time for some more pictures of the Shire Garden. This autumn was warm and dry, but the colors left us speachless.  Wonder at some of Jack Frost’s artistry.

Happy Thanksgiving !   From all of us here in the Shire Garden.

This year I am thankful for a most beautiful Shire Garden.




A thought; Being thankful is a positive place of  heart and soul. washington online gambling felony

Because winters cold breath came late this year we saw the rebloom of our Endless Summer hydrangea and most of our reblooming iris and what a pleasant sight this was to see June in the garden again. The scent of iris in October early November is heart warming. We cut several bouquets for the house and all the buds matured and we were so pleased with that.

The Knockout roses have been in none stop flower production and they have proven themselves to knock us out, right to frost and beyond!

There was a lot of small autumn blooms on our azaleas and our autumn rhododendrons are beautiful.

Rebloomers and fall bloomers can be tricky if there is little rain fall or a very early cold spell their rebloom can be small or not at all. so keep this in mind if you plan to add these late shows to your garden. Think about placement for shelter of wind and cold, plant where the low sun shines most, after all this is the time when our days are shorter and the sun in lower in our horizon. So if you plan to add rebloomers or autumn bloomers in the spring, now is the time to plan where you will plant them. Also from inside your home go to windows and look out, look for that view, because it is cooler now and more time is spent inside looking out, so seeing these blooms without having to go out to do so makes it even nicer.

We have started to put the garden to sleep for the winter, but with all this flowering still going on it’s a longer time frame than in the past. Even the leaves of the trees remain on longer and leave removal is later, so we pray for no early snow till we get them up and mulched. Gardening is year round and our warming temperatures have change the way we use to garden with the rest we get as gardeners in the winter, becoming shorter.

I am working on a slide show of the autumn garden and will post it for Thanksgiving, because I am thankful for a most beautiful garden.

For now I’m putting on my winter coat and going for an early evening walk in the leaves to gather holiday greens.

A thought; It is good that beauty is renewed when we wish it so.