Cyclamen cillicium

On the light of a clear frosty morning, there is a special spot in the Shire Garden that brings happy feelings when you come to it at this time. To see these lovely pink flowers covered in frosting like frost is such a delight.

Cyclamen like these are a little costly so we started with just a few, but over time they have multiplied for us quite nicely. They are not fussy and require a little more shade than sun and prefer well draining soils as they are subject to black rot. They have tuber roots that grow large in time and deliver larger clusters of flowers.

They begin to flower in the autumn and continue through out the winter till early spring when seed is set, once they go to seed they die back and go dominate through the late spring and summer season only to start up again in that following fall. So one must use care when planting summer flowers not to disturb their tubers,

As I stand there with coffee in hand looking upon such wonderful beauty, thinking how tiny yet strong, to with stand the riggers of our New England winters and yet still delivering life even when frozen.

These little guys are members of the less hardy flower shop varieties all come from varicose parts of Turkey. All with different ranges of hardiness.

I hope you plant some in the garden, this way you can say even when winter is in full swing that your garden is always in bloom. That when those days that the winter weather is warmer you will still have flowers to enjoy.

The wonderful part about this is that the rather long winter in thought is shortened and I’m all for that.

A thought; When we really stop and think about time and strength of size, it’s all relevant.

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