Time can be so fleeting, things can seem so momentary, even our memories of short moments can go from us. For me nature plays a role in helping me to remember short moments. With its changing seasons and their nuances that keep me keen to my memories.

Just the other day I was working in the Shire Garden and thought how beautiful the sun light played with the colors in the early crocus that the rabbits choose to leave me with, wishing that the neighbors dog who was barking in the distance was here to change some of that. In that moment I was hearkened back to a time in my younger days of the spring walks in the rural woods of my family home in Connecticut. I would take our family dog, Jack, that started with him running ahead of me through the bar gate to the meadow path that was well worn from years of foot travel. This path was heavily lined with spring Bluet’s and wild violets they made for a magical walk at this time. Coming closer to the brake in the old stone wall entry to the woodland path the air felt cooler and I for some reason remember that. Jack just ahead of me always looking back to be sure of my movement. The song of the birds fill the air and the shadows of the large tree branches still dormant, criss cross the ground like black lace.

I climbed over several old woodland stone walls that once lined grassy meadows that then, were just a reminder of that time gone by. I remember the smell of the leaves and dampened mosses of the spring woods and that thought filled me with a sense of renewal. I fondly remember how that was the sign then that I was getting closer to the natural woodland springs that at that moment should be teaming with spring flowers. These flowers are referred to as “ephemeral’s” that burst in to bloom just as the season’s are about to change. It is then that they spring forth and bloom in the moments that the trees allow them all of the sun’s light and warmth to produce seed and as the leaves return to darken their growth they die back and sleep till the sun and warmth return. This happens every year, year after year till their climate or environment changes.

Ephemeral – meaning { to last a very short time }.  We use this word to refer to a diverse group of plants that come and go quickly. Some of my fave’s are; Blood Root – Sanquinaria canadensis with their single large white flower and rolled leave and the Dutchman’s breeches, yes I said that, Dicentra cucullaria is a member of the bleeding heart family and the common name says it all, ” small pant like white flowers with yellow belts”. Another is Fumewort, Corydalis solida and are sometimes mistaken as small bleeding heart’s the colors are many. The yellow spring wood aconite – Eranthis lyemalis, I use the common name of, spring butter cup, they would fill the woodland floor for as far as my eyes could see and only for a few days.

Now all of these words took time to tell you about my momentary memory, thinking now how long it took to describe a thought. Now thinking of my family dog Jack and how he loved splashing in the spring water and waiting for me to get there, as if he always seemed to know where I was headed. I’m thinking of you old friend!

A thought; How much time dose one really need, when it comes down to it…. only you know.

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