Monthly Archives: December 2017

Each year as Christmas approaches and the day light hours shorten, my Christmas cactus sets bud. The memories this plant gives to me each time this happens are happy one’s, as my plant has been with me for many years. The plant came to me by way of my grandmother who got hers from her mother whom got hers from her mom, so you see why it means so much to me when it sets bloom.

It isn’t the same plant, sort of a piece or cutting from the original plant so I sort of think of it as the same plant. Grandma always gave cuttings and small potted Christmas cactus as house warming gifts. As she always said” it’s one of the easiest plants to care for and anyone can grow them.” I assume that there are hundreds of that cactus out there some place setting bud in time for the holiday.

Schlumbergera – ” Christmas Cactus ” is from southeastern Brazil consisting of 6 species of bushy cacti with flattened, spineless, rather weeping branches with indented notches at their margins, sort of makes me thing of a scorpion’s tail. This plant was renamed about thirty years ago, it former name that still is marketed today is Zygocactus for anyone who might be interested.

This plant must be taken indoors in cooler climates and makes a easy to care for house plant, thou this cactus, unlike most requires a little more water and humid conditions coming from a tropical environment.

The cultivation for this plant is a semi shady spot with rich well draining soil, as in it’s natural environment it is often found in tree crotches under the canopy. Propagation can be done by small branch or leaf cuttings placed in well draining potting soil and will set roots in about two weeks. Cuttings can be taken year round but after bloom is best, being early spring to early summer, as often, when taken at this time the cuttings have been know to bloom that same year.

With Christmas just around the corner and my cactus ready to bloom my heart is warmed with the thought of all those ladies of  my families past that some how with the simple gesture of a house warming gift, gave with their gift a memory of who they were and that will carry on, as long as we continue to give a piece to the next generation with the story of where it came from.

A simple gift of a Christmas cactus this holiday season could start a generational story of your own, and what a wonder thought that could be. Happy Holiday’s everyone and a Happy and Safe New Year!!

A thought; Simple gifts, when given from the heart can span generations…