Monthly Archives: August 2017

I haven’t blogged for a while, I’ve been very busy as I seem to be in great demand these days.  Many people want to restore their old gardens and realize it take more than a gardener to bring it back to life. I am often called the “Garden Whisperer” something I think  that is more spiritual with awareness than anything.

I want to talk about Toad Lilies, ( Tricyrtis ) I know, What kind of name is that for a lily. I believe that the plant blooms when the toads are active in the garden, but for what ever the common name is the plant and flower is quite lovely. It’s a genus of about 20 species, the clumping rhizomatous summer flowering perennials from the woodlands of Asia and are really quite easy to grow and very attractive in their coloring and markings. The flowers, which are star like bells and some with funnel shapes with open tips are held in place by the axils of the leaves. foliage is deep to light green and others are variegated with greens and white offering garden interest throughout the growing season.

These very frost hardy plants prefer partly shady to deep shade, humus rich moist soils, cooler temps the better.

I chose this plant because I find it in older gardens where with time the trees got bigger bring more shade to the garden and thus the planting choices changes with the changing environment, interesting right. That is just a part of what goes into a gardens restoration, uncovering the layers of time and changes in an old garden. Plus it is in bloom now.

I often think of the so many old favorites of the garden and scout high and low for them to return them to some of these gardens of age, it brings their story ( souls ) to life again.

Toad Lilies an old favorite of the shade garden try growing some and see how a mid summers garden is transformed.

A thought; What’s with a name that can change a thought, think on that for a moment?

I would have added some pictures but my blog was hacked and code was changed, Why? forgive this as we fix the problem.