May has been a very busy month for me and the weather this May has been very rainy and on the cool side, but with no deep cold this spring the show of flowers has been fantastic. Everything is lush and full and the gray sky’s makes for more intense colors.

As I have chosen Memorial Day to sit and blog, I feel it only right to pay homage to the men and woman who have given the ultimate sacrifice and to remember the gardeners in my past that labored with love to create special places of their own and for others to enjoy.

The gardener wakes in the early morning knowing that the days work ahead is a labor of means and knowing, that each moment within the garden has purpose that ultimately leads to the spirit of the garden and to the rhythm and story it will tell. As the gardener weeds, to which is the most honorable of jobs, as the job it self clears the way for clear thought and good growth. Then there is the watering,the most noble of jobs as this is the substance of life it self.

The day is often filled with pruning and trimming keeping the garden in control and orderly. Like a doctor the gardener examines and assess damage and disease and finds the best way to heal. The gardener will some days walk up to 10 miles as he tends to the gardens needs and at any given moment the weather can turn, and the duties change.

The best part of the day is gathering the fruits of those labors, the flowers that get cut to grace the house and the fruit and vegetables to be harvested for the table.

As evening comes and the shadows grow long, many times the gardener will take one last walk, to see how the garden feels before night fall, In a prayerful way this walk is slower and the importance now is to understand the feelings of the garden for you see it is a living story, that grows and changes every moment and the gardener knows of it’s importance.

Like most, the gardener understands life and know nothing last for ever as a young person the gardener planted a tree with knowing of the shade it will bring, as a middle age gardener to plant a tree for look and purpose and as a older gardener a tree is planted with the knowing of the shade it will bring to the next gardener, that’s life.

To the gardeners that have gone before me I wish to thank you for your noble deeds of tending to the garden and for the thought you gave to me and to my future friends, a most beautiful spiritual story to behold, that continues to grow and change and gives back in so many way. Memories are seen on ever corner and turn in the garden and the stories are retold as to who and how the garden came to be and of the special touch you gave to it.

A thought; To yourself remain true, be passionate in what you do, with integrity care to the future.

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