Life is full of new challenges all the time, just as there are always challenges in the garden. Today while walking through the border gardens I noticed how quickly life returns to the garden with just a few warm days and a little warm rain.

The crocus and early snow drops are in full bloom along with clusters of small blue Dutch iris, I planted these bulbs a number of years ago and they have multiplied into quite a nice display of color when I need it the most. Although it is momentary in the garden I treasure these moments as they heighten my spirit in early spring after a long winter.

There is a slight breeze to the air and the sound of the birds and distant wind chimes sing out a combined song that somehow I can remember but can’t put a word to and it heightens my thought.

The sudden move of a cotton tail rabbit,startles me and heighten my attention to look to the whole of the garden and I notice that the flowering ornamental shrubs and trees buds are swollen in size, ready in moments to bring a glorious show to the garden and this heightens my excitement for more of spring to come.

Spring cleanup or the wakening of the garden is a daunting job with winter weed removal and leaves to grind for mulch. There are garden borders to be edged and winter damage pruned away. The forsythia will be in bloom any day now and this is a sign that the roses will need my attention with feeding and pruning, the first for their season and all of this heightens my anxiety to get things done.

While walking through Oak Grove the highest spot of the Shire Garden I noticed that the Arbutus was in bloom and that the green of the mosses was quite eye catching for plants so close to the ground to reach such visual heights and thought how wonderful nature can be.

I sat for a moment next to the oldest oak in the grove to reflex upon the Shire Garden and I remember the work and magical moments I’ve had in this garden and the joy it gives to me, the gardener. Within that moment an idea came to me, that I should set my sights higher for the garden and for my life it self, that I can achieve great things if I believe strongly enough to hold on to what I believe in, and in who I am, that life can have great heights of highs and lows and to remember, we are never given that, that we couldn’t handle and over come. So I am setting new goals for myself and the garden and that heightens new thoughts of how my future will be for not only the garden but how I see my life going forward and I hope that my fears don’t stop the greatness this will bring. I leave with you now my reader >
A thought; Do we allow fear to stop us from reaching the true heights that are meant to be ours?

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