The other day on my drive home I was thinking how long the winter months can be and how I long for the summer’s green and warmth. Where there is so much work ahead of me in the spring months to come, yet really none of it can be done at this moment, with all of the snow on the ground, thus I feel helpless. O, I can think about the gardens and imagine all kinds of things to be done, making list after list, but this to over loads my senses. I spend some time looking over catalogs and web sites of growers looking for new plants and colors and read everything I can get my hands on gardening, probably a little obsessive, but that’s me. People tell me I’m so passionate about what I do and so driven as well. Like that’s a bad thing. I feel that it’s good to try to be the best at what you love to do and that to set higher standards for ones self is a good and noble thing for self esteem, that brings about strong character.

Being a better person is always my goal and mantra, I try to remind myself of who I am and how thankful I should be for all that I have that is beautiful and good in my life, that we are never given more than we can handle and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. My glass is always half full and is never empty for me that is fact. Where one door closes another opens with new hopes and dreams and that at the end of the day the knowledge of another days promise to start all over again, how great is that.

When I started to think about what I was thinking about on my drive home I started to laugh and said out load ” why am I thinking about all this. ” Guess I was just checking in on myself to make sure I was still there and that I hadn’t lost my way by not being in the garden for awhile. I have always had a sense of who I am and what I wanted to be and  do. Has it always been easy? No, like many there are a lot of trials and tribulations and bumps in the road, no pun intended. It just might be the effects of a Full Snow Leo Moon that has triggered all of this thought today.

As I pull in to the drive way and glad to be home, I sit there for a moment and look out to the snow covered garden and house and say ” There’s no place like Home “.

A thought; Every now and then it’s good to check in at home to see if all is well.

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