Well it 2017, its not really a new year for the garden just a new season. This is the time to take a review of the previous seasons. This begins with things that went well and now need to be improved on, the flowers that worked and preformed well and the colors that made the best show.

I like to call this time a Garden New Year because it gives me a start point for reevaluating my gardening thoughts, besides there is usually snow on the ground and my gardening duties are lighter these days. I also use this time to catch up on my reading, education and lecturing.

While looking out the windows into the garden I mentally plan new colors and plant combinations for curtain areas in the garden and spend countless hours on growers web sites and garden catalogs looking for new additions for the Shire Garden. With so much to choose from it can be quite overwhelming.

I will spend time reading through the Shire Garden’s journal of last year and will relive some special moments spent there and make my list of amendments and sub-jested thought at those time, so that with the first signs of spring my work will have purpose with results.

I also take this time to clean and sharpen and repair the garden tools sanding any wood hands to make them smooth to the hand with a little oil to keep the handles in good condition, I also take steel wool to the metal of the tools to remove soils and rust and wipe oil on them as well. The shovels often need to be hammered smooth due to our stony soils and I often have to grind a point back to them for braking ground next season, these also get a oil rub.

This is the best time to plan for a new garden for the new year. Planning begins with what kind of garden you might like annuals or perennial or both, cottage style or borders and how much time you will be able to give to its care. Watch where the tree shadows fall on the ground in the area of the garden and see how long they stay in these areas. This gives you the know, to how much shade  or sun that will be in these areas of the garden and for how long. Although the sun is low in the sky it still gives the tree’s presence to that area when it is in full foliage and the sun is high in the sky of summer. This will also determine the plants that will go into these sections of the garden. This slower paced time gives you time to make lists of the things needed to manifest this garden, saving time and money when the busy spring season begins.

New Years come every year and we use this to mark new beginnings. In the garden this happens with the change of every season and there are always new beginnings everywhere you look. Things come and go all the time and it is a gift of understanding this as a gift of knowing, that every day of the year is a new day and a new start.

A thought; Quote; Dr. David Viscott ” The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.”

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