I choose this topic for several reasons, one was its something I do almost everyday with out a lot of thought of doing it, and I’ve never walked with another true gardener who wasn’t bending while talking to pull a weed. I thought that the word itself has a great effect for all of us. Sometimes while in the garden these thoughts come to me and they leave me with a new awareness of knowing.

Weeding, meaning to remove a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of strong growth. One that weeds out obnoxious growth, things or persons. Interesting in it definition right. So with that now in mind I thought that I would like to talk a little about weeds and the act of weeding.

Losses caused by weeds exceed losses caused by any other class of agricultural pest, according to the Weed Science Society of America, yes that’s right the WSSA. There seems to be a society for everything these days.

There is no uniform life duration of weeds, some are annuals, biennial while other are perennial and make for over 50% of our plants that are considered undesirable by some segment of our society.

One of our most notorious weeds is Crabgrass – ( Digitaria sanguinalis ) an annual, reproducing by seed. Our lawn companies use a pre emergent to control this weed in the early spring and gets its name for its crab like growth. If left to grow, its low flat spread can be large and can destroy a lawn. Another weed of the garden is Sorrel – ( Rumex acetosella ) this one is a perennial and can be reproduced by seed it has a creeping rhizome root system which can be hard to get rid of if you don’t pull all of it out. Then there is the deep rooted known as a taproot, Dock – ( Rumex crispus ) this is also a perennial and is also reproduced by seed. If even a small piece of root is left in the ground it will grow back, so all of it must go.

This is just three of the friendly foe that I pull and dig at most of my days and thought what are some of the other kinds of weeding I should be doing in myself and the world around me. How can I make my world cleaner, neater and running smoothly. How and what do I need to weed out and weed through to lessen the weights in my life. What and who in my life is helping or hindering my life’s story, and just like weeding the garden I will decide what is a weed and what isn’t and pull those weeds for a more neat and orderly life that will allow the more beautiful  strength of me to grow and flourish.

A thought; Try weeding, even a small amount of weeding helps.

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