Monthly Archives: June 2016

Yeah! Its summer, long days, warm nights and ice tea and lemon aid, the summer garden is special because there is so much activity with the plants in full growth and bloom and bees and birds and butterflies everywhere. the work in the garden comes to a slower more manageable pace and we take more time to just enjoy its presence.

Most mornings are started with my morning walk through, with coffee in hand looking to see what’s in bloom as I plan the days activities, I am always enamored by the great show of morning glories on the Fairy Garden bird house post that are mixed in with a large white flowering clematis, just a magical moment it is, here I will sit in the fairy wait to think for a moment. ( A fairy wait is what I call a benched area covered by an arbor of fallen branches where one can sit to watch the fairies at play.)

As the sun raises high in the sky the garden begins to warm up more and the air is filled with the essence of the garden. The scent of the roses and phlox and mock orange mix and this is transcending everything in to a soul filled experience, one that will be remembered for life times to come. The hum of the bees busy at work is a song of its own and the movement of the butterflies make for a fancy sight. In the heat of the day the garden transforms and the colors are heightened by its intensity.

Now the day grows long and the garden work can go into the evening when the birds begin to harmonize the evening song. I sit for a moment to listen and as I do, I realize that the bird are singing good night to the day. The gift of song is special and here in the summer garden beauty and song abound.

As my day in the summer garden comes to an end, I noticed the first sign of the fireflies and the nighttime show begins. the moon flower vine is in bloom for its evening dance with the lunar moth, and the four o clocks are in their glory. A new fragrance comes to the garden air, one of moss and fern as the breeze shifts from the Oak Grove gardens, telling me the elves are at play. Before its to dark, I will walk through Oak Grove to see the jack in the pulpits and pick a hand full of ferns for the side table vase. This is the walk I look forward to the most, as it calms my thoughts for the day.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my day in the summer garden, it was a pleasure to share it with you.

A thought; Always remember to stop and to take the time to enjoy special moments.