Monthly Archives: May 2016

That’s right its May that lusty Month of May, as the song goes from Camelot. Every May first puts my thoughts and memories of May Day celebrations as a child, Mom would walk her flower garden with us children to gather early spring flowers like violets and daffodils and lilacs and sweet peas to make small tussie mussies that she would place in May baskets made of paper doilie cones with a ribbon handles to hang them on door knobs of our neighbors and friends, It was a great production as she would place the flowers out on the kitchen table along with bags of spring color wrapped chocolate hershey kisses to sweeten thoughts as Mom would put it. As we rolled the round paper doilies in to cones mom would go over the list of people that we where to surprise with these wonderful May Day gifts. Then she would tell us the game plan. We  park the car out of house sight and proceed on foot remembering to duck below windows and to quietly proceed to the front door, placing the May basket ribbon handle over the door knob and ringing the door bell, then she would say, ” run like hell” my favorite part, how I did like the thrill of the run, but she told us to stay out of sight far enough to see the look on the receivers face. Yes its May Day, I’m not up to the run these days, but I sure do remember the thrill of those morning runs. I remember being in the car driving home after an early May Day morning and hearing Mom and Dad talk about the look on their friends faces and thinking how much fun it was to have such parents that gave so much to a simple day, yes a simple first day in May.

May starts the springs real first burst of bloom in the garden, it the time when the garden turns to full growth and we celebrate our Mothers this month as well as the time we memorialize those that have gone before us. May is truly a month for thought. May that lusty month of May, Happy May Day to all!

A thought; Memories are a wonderful thing, they help us to move in a better direction.