I woke to an overcast morning that looked very gray. It was a little later than usual, having had a series of early morning dreams.

I showered and got dressed for the day and after a light breakfast and a walk in the garden, I picked up my email and made my list of to do’s for the day. As most of my days are full of things to do.

This morning however seemed off, I didn’t feel like anything mattered whether things got done today or tomorrow it just didn’t matter. Now, this doesn’t happen to me, my days always start with my feet on the ground and running, there’s always a to do list. But that wasn’t to be the case for today.

I thought maybe some writing would help, that comes easy for me and it sometimes gets me thinking about things. All I could think about was a day alone and the quite it brings, now don’t get me wrong here, quite days aren’t a bad thing, but for some reason this was a lonely one.

My thoughts wonder and I hear things I’ve never noticed before. The quite of the day started to consume me. I was becoming very reflective and felt some fear, that somehow I was not allowed to do this, that a day alone filled with mindfulness wasn’t a good thing.

I tend to be all up in my head from time to time, so I reminded myself of that. I remembered that I had a few books to read and thought this was a good way to fill a quite day. As I started to read, I just couldn’t stay focused and became frustrated with myself. So I thought maybe I would finish a garden drawing design I was working on, then found myself just sitting at the drawing board thinking of everything but the drawing.

I wondered what was going on with me? Where was my day’s motivation, why were my thoughts all over the place?

Then in one quite moment of thought, as I sipped my coffee, it came to me, like a quite small whisper, let go – fly – it’s OK, so I lied down of the living room rug facing up, as I did as a young child. I let my thoughts go, I choose not to drive them but to just be aware of where they would take me.

It started with fears and flew through the clouds, brought me to tears and laughter out load. I rounded some mountains and swam in a sea. I saw family and friends some living some dead. I relived some sorrow and regrets and studied some hopes and some dreams. Time stood still and no longer existed. What seemed like forever, when it came to an end. I took some deep breaths and stood to my feet, I was a little light headed but felt well.

A day alone, feeling like nothing got done, what a waste I thought.

My day alone did however accomplished on thing, I learned how to fly again and to reconnect with me and all that I am. Maybe that a day in thought was the medicine I needed, it reminded me that it’s OK to be me. I am stronger and less fearful of thought. It opened my eye’s to the things I needed to see so that it is clearer as to where I need to be. That the rhythm of sounds that surround me is my world.

Thank – you for allowing me to share my day alone with you. I ask that you don’t read anything into it other than, it’s just who I am.

A thought; Except who you are, and be who you are, and be the best you, you can be.

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