• Imagine, if life could be so simple, that if just a thought could free us to believe that all we wanted could be there for us to receive.
  • Imagine, a world that was safe and beautiful, like a garden with so much to nurture.
  • Imagine, to be able to see everything with one glance and to possess the understanding of it all.
  • Imagine, that you could fly to unimaginable places and times, that only you could create.
  • Imagine, that health and well- being is the way of life and that living freely in the world is just the way it is.
  • Imagine, Love in its many forms was given and received in abundance with grace.

Now know that what is here was once imagined and that you have the power to imagine what now could be here.

Imagination is a good tool if you have one, for it is the very beginning of everything that is proved.

” What is now proved was once only imagined” Mystical Poet William Blake.

A thought; Lets make the world wonderful. Have a great Day!

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