Monthly Archives: December 2014

I am writing this while traveling to our daughter’s home in the Carolina’s. I can’t help but think of her as a little girl with wide blue eyes, clapping her hands each time the Christmas tree was lit and the wonderous looks she gave to each of the many ornaments, and my heart grows heavy with those many memories.

Our granddaughter Savannah I was told turns their tree on and claps her hands with excitement and I can’t wait to get there. There will be hugs and kisses all around and a wonderful dinner, I am sure, as Jan will take on being mom/gramma and tend to the kitchen with her loving ways.

It is a Holiday Wish that all of us could be together at Alexsandra’s as she is the youngest and this will be their first Christmas at her home with us.

Jan’s Mom and Dad are on their way and  it will be a joy to see them.

Abigail and her family will be missed, but in our hearts this year and always, as her husbands duties keep them at their home in Oklahoma this year.

My Holiday Wish, is for a garden filled with family and   friends, for health and happiness and the wisdom to remember what is truly important, that where ever you are and what ever you do, live in the moment, it is the only real garden to tend with love.

Wishing you, Happy Holidays with Love !

A thought; Love is one of the best ingredient for everything, use it freely, it is not limited.

I felt I needed to share with you something that came to me to other day while working in the Shire Garden. As you know well I spend a lot of time in the garden, and while there I use this quiet to think about many things and to work through problems. However this day just the thought of working in the garden was just, well, joy. Its beauty was still in full view even as the winter cold approaches.

I took a moment to sit quietly  and to listen to the sounds in this late season and to see how far the shadows are cast across the garden. It was then that I heard within my head a voice, one I knew well, yet clearer than before. For some reason the garden was speaking to me, and in that moment what came to me was this;

It’s been a while sence I’ve spoken to you,

things have grown nicely over time.

Your tender yet sometimes ruff touch has kept things growing.

The weeds you pull are often just wanderers seeking a new home

and a beautiful one I must say. Due to your time spent with me each day.

I look forward to your walks and your thoughts, while you tend to my needs

and my rewards are the flowers and fruit I can provide.

The birds and butterflies and bee’s are my friends, thank you for letting them in.

When the rain dances over me you rejoice and with the sun’s warmth you tend to my every need.

With love and hope and belief in me, you work with the ease of an angel

as we create a heaven on earth.

So I say thank you for moments of peace and the patience of time you give to me. I in return will render

to you a place where all your dreams can come true.

As I write this and I recall clearly the words spoken to me. I can’t help but feel humbled by the simple joy that gardening can bring. As to whether the garden really spoke to me, well the words came from somewhere and who am I not to believe!

A thought; At this time of the year our belief system is put to a test, pass it wisely……..