Monthly Archives: October 2014

You must agree October is the month of change as this is when we received our first frost. The garden looks different now with the long shadows made by the sun’s height in the horizon and the cool evening. The time spent in the garden is shorter due to shorter day light, so the pace is a little faster, with all of the dead heading and cutting back of the plants, as we begin to ready the garden for its winter’s rest. The many potted plants are readied to return to their winter spots in Acorn Cottage as the last of the flowers are picked before frost and the moment of decision of who do we save and who is sacrified to the frost.

I love this time of year, along with all of the visual changes the fragrance that fills the air from the herb garden as we harvest, to the fallen maple and oak leaves that gives a sweetness to the air that the soul remembers and our hearts know.

The Toad Lilly’s are beautiful this year and the Monks Hood brings such color to the autumn tones that surround them and the autumn perennial mums are at their best as the autumn Crocus remind me of spring, their to die for.

I plan to add bulbs to the Shire Garden later in the month, as I will try to keep this to a minimum. However I might plant bulbs in pots and winter them in a leaf pile and in the spring put them in the spots I need extra color, this will allow me to remove them when they pass, so that I might  plant annuals with no bulbs to disturb, this will give me the opportunity to change the picture from year to year.

I am looking forward to a slower pace in the garden and the beauty that comes with a morning sun lit frost that covers everything with ice crystals, which is a gift to behold.

With the first frost comes a feeling of lose and yet a new sense of change comes to view and with all of this, hope is what moves us forward.

A thought; Things often change and we know it has too. Embrace change!