Monthly Archives: September 2014

I’m not talking about a fire in the garden, but how the colors now look like the garden is all aglow like a fire. With late September here and cooler nights the reds and orange look shockingly bright with the sun light on them and as dusk arrives the yellows glow like flames. The Shire is still in full bloom and many of the ferns have started to turn lime green to gold and all of this with the last of summers bloom happening, well, all I can say is WOW!

Fall has to be one of my favorite times, the crickets sing all day. The fragrance of the garden fills the air with a sweetness that only autumn knows and somewhere deep in side we remember something that we have no words for, but there is a comfort of just knowing.

The pumpkins are picked and but in their places to be carved and lit with candles when the time comes and we begin to take cuttings to root for next years garden and the work begins on cutting back old growth and putting ripened seeds in envelopes.

As evening comes with the cooler air and the days grow shorter we will light some of the garden torches and the fire pit will be lit where we will sit and enjoy the glow it brings at dusk to the garden, we will enjoy some warm cider and listen to the crickets song as the fire slowly goes out. What a wonderful time to be in the garden with people you love.

This September’s fire in the Shire Garden has given us a new thought, like fire, the flames cleanses the earth, giving room for new growth. We will begin to burn away some of our old ways and welcome the new ways that only the flame can destroy, thus always welcoming another way.

A thought; Let the flames in life inspire you to know your way.