Monthly Archives: July 2014

If ever there was a day when all of the garden work was done and the garden hose rested, I was hoping it would be today. We have had a lot of rain lately and the gardens look pretty weed free, the bird baths are clean and freshened and the dead heading and recent pruning done, so I’m going to take a little time to just enjoy the garden. Things look good this season as the heat comes on and the lawn for the fist time in years looks green and lush. Perhaps keeping it longer about 2″ has helped.  The front border garden is full of bee balm, ” Monarda”  and the hummingbirds and bee’s are loving the show. Our hydrangea was hit hard this winter with the deep freeze and late frosts so their show will be much later this year. I have planted angelonia all about the garden and with the evening heat, now is giving quite a show amongst the other perennials.

The Column Garden with the golden hops on top of the trellis is something to see, as the sun hits it  glows and aluminates everything around. In the Fairy Garden the ivy and porcelain grape-vine is keeping everything exciting yet fay like too. The Blue and White border is very white this year and that is good because I think a little more light in that spot will do me some good.

The Four Seasons Border, is full of some of the biggest and most wonderful Hostas I have ever grown, perhaps the cold winter helped or the 10-10-10 fertilizer I used which ever, what a show. The day lilies are just starting in this border and I look forward to their presence once again. They make me smile as their show gets bigger by the day.

Fire Fly Knoll is always active at this time and the firefly’s are in the thousands this year, the garden is all a glow these evenings and the many friends who look forward to this where not disappointed this year. In Oak Grove the shade is a welcome cool to the days heat and the birds sing all day here, maybe they know something that we should, but I walk here often these days as a short cut to the compost area beyond.

I will take a break for a while in Fern Walk to watch the ferns grow and wait for the sun to round the house, it will dance on them with glimmering rays and the many tones of green will shine like the Emerald City.

Well, as I sit to enjoy what my labors have brought, my mind continues to work on what new things I can bring to the Shire Garden and of how I can heighten my awareness while in the garden. I stop to get the mail and what to my surprise but my first autumn bulb catalog and thus the thought of spring starts!

I feel sometimes we spend to much time working and to little time enjoying. and isn’t it the work we do, so that we might find some joy? If you find you work and have no joy then change things or as we gardeners would say, ” it’s time to weed the garden” and do so.

A thought; Life is to short, stop and smell the roses and feel joy again !