Monthly Archives: May 2014

Well, it been a few weeks since I’ve had any time to sit and write. The Shire Garden is blooming out all over the place, the lilacs, viburnum and azalea  along with the wisteria and dog woods are all making a show with some color starting on the rhododendron.  How wonderful this is for Memorial Day.

I thought I’d talk a little about flowering annuals. They are the colors that hold the over all seasons together and without them you would have moments of just spots of color. Their continuous bloom creates rhythm and continuity between the sudden burst of bloom of the ornamental and perennials.

I spend a lot of time these days in nurseries picking just the right combinations. Always look for plants that are sturdy with good roots and bright foliage, you can tell if their cared for properly by the dampness of their soil and the over all freshness of their foliage and flower.

Some of my favorite are; wax begonias, petunias all types, salvias, Lantana, verbena, ageratum and dahlias the bedding type, all of these are great performers coming in many color choices and will do well with little care in any garden. Use them in drifts throughout the garden allowing your eyes to follow them continuously in the view to create completion and unity.

The trick to a good-looking garden is continuous bloom when annuals are planted throughout the garden  in dotting drifts. Annuals do this at a rather fair cost. Use their color to off set the colors of certain perennials when in bloom, like deep pink petunias around deep purple veronica, ” Dark Nights”. What great shows and combinations could be put together to bring  about emotions and magical feeling when they appear together in the garden.

Here in The Shire Garden I keep the annuals fresh looking with some dead heading so they don’t go to seed and stop blooming, I feed them liquid fertilizer every other week, because of the work I expect of them, it takes a lot of energy to stay in bloom all season but when the pockets of perennials have their time to bloom it is heighten by the annuals around them making for a greater show. Every week in the garden the view changes as flowers come and go, but the annuals keep blooming maintaining a balance of color all summer long.

As a gardener my days can be long, but those days are filled with color, fragrance, sounds and views and a type of happiness that only a garden can bring.

A thought; Greatness comes when everything works together in a positive way.