Monthly Archives: April 2014

I stand here in a garden of daffodil’s, with just about to open tulips. What a wonderful Easter morning in the Shire Garden, with its resounding sense of renewal.

I’ve been working so much this spring that I haven’t had much time to think, let alone time to blog.  So this morning I’m taking some time for my self. With coffee in hand and computer in my lap here is a little time for me during a very busy spring season.


Jan walked in to Acorn Cottage the other day with a large 10 inch Easter Lily and although they are a little over sold at this time of year it is still a symbol of the holiday and the fragrance invokes a spiritual feeling with memories of Easters past. NOTE: after the lilies bloom fades, plant it in the garden and by mid August it will bloom again.

The best part of spring is seeing all of the fall bulb planting springing into a great show of color. First the early snow crocus and snow drops then the blue Siberian squills and grape hyacinths. then the early narcissus, daffodils and early tulips all in full bloom, all of this brings wonder to the eyes and noise. Thus haven found the time with all of the fall work to plant these bulbs was now time well spent.

Our oriental lilies have come up early about 8 inches now and could be a sign of an early summer, lets hope. My only job today will be to add a systemic to guard against the Asiatic lily beetle that has claimed the lives of many a lily in the garden.

The garden is a symbol of growth and renewal, it reminds us of nurturing and of hope. It  keeps beauty always in our view, and allows us to create our dreams in way we never thought, giving us a place to find peace within our selves.

Here are some of my spring garden dreams come true. ENJOY.

A thought; The garden is a place for renewal.